Open Source Software - A Strategic Choice

It’s difficult to overstate how transformative open source software has been for the enterprise and across many industries. What makes open source software a strategic choice is the very principals it is founded upon:  transparency, participation, collaboration, community, meritocracy, rapid prototyping, and of course, sharing. These founding principals conspire to yield many advantages for your business, including eliminating vendor lock-in, lowering barriers to modernization, efficiencies arising from open standards, and reductions in cost, scope and time to market.

Even with these strategic advantages, leveraging open source software to  build a scalable and adaptable system still requires an experienced team to layout the right architecture and technology choices up front.  Foresight Data Systems has decades of experience working with open source tools and frameworks and has built many systems that leverage them to maximum effect. Contact us today to learn how we can help you make the most of the open source software revolution.

Our Solutions

Foresight Data Systems has created a number of tools and frameworks that we frequently use in the context of performing services for our clients. In general, our solutions improve the integration and compatibility between various open source tools and frameworks, while automating and generalizing the tasks and foundations that are needed by many of our client projects. By building these common components once and incorporating them into our client services, these solutions enable us to build and deploy solutions for our clients more quickly and cost effectively. Our current solutions are enumerated below.


Terraplan is our own foundation built on top of HashiCorp’s Terraform framework, that simplifies and automates the provisioning and deployment of applications to cloud platforms, while accounting for all monitoring, high-availability, scaling and security requirements. The system accelerates deployment of all types of cloud systems, from simple test environments to full production systems based on Kubernetes, Istio Service Mesh, and Blockchain. 


Hodor is our own process automation tool, that does the heavy lifting for you through robust methods of automation. Repetitive tasks can be automated through a combination of GUI and scripting-based automation plans, and across local and remote resources. Although more general purpose, Hodor is often used to automate various data analytics and reporting jobs, as well as to monitor data infrastructure health and running job status.


Pathfinder is our own integration framework written in Javascript and Typescript that enables a wide range of internal and external data sources to be easily interconnected to flow cloud data to data analytics and machine learning processors. Under active development.


Schemanator is our own database schema change management system that enables database schemas to be versioned, with provisions for walking the database schema forward or backwards through that version history. While solutions like this exists, Schemanator provides a more flexible and straightforward approach, that can be tracked against a data provenance graph.